ARM LIFT (Brachioplasty)

What is Arm Lift?

It is a surgical procedure to tighten the arm by removing the loose, hanging skin in the arm. The incision or cut for removing the skin is vertical and on the inner arm and extends from just above the elbow to the armpit or sometime even to the side of chest. If there is only minor skin laxity confined to the upper arm then a horizontal incision in the armpit can correct it.

Do I need an Arm Lift?

When you put on weight in the arm, the skin in the arm can get stretched to the extent that it loses its elasticity. If you then lose weight from the arm, then the skin which has lost elasticity, hangs as loose folds. This can happen following weight loss. Once you get this loose hanging skin folds then it can be removed only by surgery (arm lift).

Is there any other way of tightening the arm?

Once the skin is hanging loose no amount of diet or exercise can tighten it. Non-surgical tightening with ultrasound etc cannot work in cases where there is loose hanging skin.

What type of anaesthesia is required?

Arm lift is done after putting you to sleep (general anaesthesia)

How long do I need to stay in the hospital?

You just need to stay for 1 day after the procedure.

Is there pain after arm lift?

You are put on painkillers for approximately 5 days after the surgery so most of the cases the pain is well under control.

When can I go back to gym?

Walking is very safe and can be started the next day. Upper body weight training can be started after approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

What result should I expect?

Majority of the patient get a firm arm after removal of the loose skin. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle keeping your weight more or less stable then the result is permanent.

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