1. No exaggerated claims!

Only after full appraisal (history / medical examination) will you be given a realistic picture of what can or cannot be achieved. All options of addressing your aesthetic concerns will be discussed. This includes, besides surgical procedures, non-surgical rejuvenation such as Botulinum Toxin and fillers. Sometimes creams/lotions may be the answer. If you are not going to benefit from any of these, then you will be told so.


When a “quote” is given by me it is an “all inclusive charge” which covers all the below mentioned expenses. This way you avoid any surprises.

Cost of treatment can be broken down into the following components:

A. Hospital
B. Doctor
C. Miscellaneous

A. Hospital: Hospital charges under the following heads:

Expenses for your treatment will be declared upfront. All-inclusive cost is generally quoted and if you so desire a break-up of the cost will also be given.

  1. Room Charges: Number of nights will be specified in the quote. Any extra night stay will be payable as per the type of room you are staying in.
  2. Operation Theatre Charges: This is charged on hourly basis.
  3. Medicine and Material.
  4. GST @ 18% on all cosmetic surgery.

B. Doctor fees:

  1. Surgeon Fees
  2. Anesthetist Fees
  3. Assistant charges

C. Miscellaneous:

  1. Follow up visit

Following things are not included in the quote:

  1. Any compression vest or corset if require after surgery will be payable by you.
  2. Any extra night stay in the hospital.
  3. Blood Test.
  4. Hotel stay.
  5. Airport transfer.
  6.  Air Tickets.

Payment Options

Once you decide to schedule surgery INR 20,000 is payable as advance. Payment can be done by any of the following options:

Online transfer to the following account details.

1 Account Name: Sandip Jain JT3
2 Type of Account: Savings
3 Bank Name: ICICI
4 Bank Branch: Prabhadevi, Mumbai, India
5 Branch Address: ICICI Bank, Ground Floor,
Kala Academy,
Ravindra Natya Mandir,
Mumbai – 400025, India
6 Account Number: 005701527772
7 Swift Code:: ICICINBBNRI

By Cash

Other Modes

 Money Transfer:


 By Paypal:

(7% Surcharge)

Dr. Sandip Jain