What is botox injection?

Botox injection is the top non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Worldwide approximately 6 million botox injections are being given every year. It is useful for the wrinkles which appear on your face during various expressions. Botox acts by weakening these muscles which are responsible for wrinkling. For instance, frown lines appear between your eyebrows, lines on your forehead when you raise your eyebrows, lines on the outer corner of your eyes (crows feet) when you smile, lines on your nose when you scrunch your nose, vertical bands on your neck when you are talking. All these can be corrected by botox injection.

What else can be treated by botox injections?

In addition, botox can be used to better define the jawline (nefertiti lift) and to correct the excessive show of gums while smiling. Botox injection can be used to correct the “square jaw” appearance and make it more rounded. Excessive sweating in the palm and armpit is another situation where botox injection is helpful.

How long does the effect of botox injection last?

Generally the effect of botox injection wears off in 9 to 12 months and the treatment can be repeated after that.

Is it painful and how long is the recovery?

Botox injection is given in this clinic, in a nearly painless manner using vibration, cooling and numbing cream. It is a “lunch break” procedure taking less than an hour. You can get back to work immediately.

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Dr. Sandip Jain