What is Fat grafting?

It is a surgical procedure where fat is removed (through liposuction) from one area of body, where there is excess, and injected in other areas of body where enhancement is required.

How is Fat grafting done?

Fat is removed with liposuction, from areas where there is excess. This fat is then processed/filtered to remove the impurities before injecting into areas which require enhancement. Dr. Sandip Jain uses the body-jet liposuction device, which is especially designed to gently harvest maximum number of live fat cells for purpose of fat grafting. Please also click on “liposuction body jet” link on this website for further details.

Can I undergo Fat grafting?

If you want certain areas of your body enhanced with your own tissue then Fat grafting is a good option for you. The areas of body which can be enhanced by Fat Grafting are: buttock (brazilian butt lift), breast and calf area. It can be also be injected in the face to enhance areas like cheek, chin or lips, to fill out depression such as under the eye and to fill out lines on the face such as the smile lines. It is important to note that if you are skinny or underweight then you may not have areas of fat excess. So in such cases fat grafting may not be possible especially for large areas such as buttocks and breast.

What is the advantage of fat grafting?

In fat grafting you get 2 surgeries in one, liposuction and fat injection. Liposuction is done to remove fat from areas where there is excess. So this obviously contours those area giving you a better shape and figure besides enhancing the fat grafted area.

What type of anaesthesia is required for Fat grafting?

Mostly you are put to sleep (general anaesthesia) for fat grafting. Small fat grafting can be carried out under local anaesthesia.

What is the recovery like after Fat grafting?

Hospital stay is for approximately 1 or 2 days. You will be required to wear compression garments over the area from where liposuction is done. Some swelling and bruising is to be expected at the site of liposuction as well at the site of fat grafting. This is temporary and goes away in 2 to 4 weeks time.

What result to expect after fat grafting?

In majority of the patient the grafted fat survives indefinitely Small percentage of cases the volume of grafted fat may reduce due to resorption of the fat. However this can be corrected by another session of fat grafting.
One has to follow healthy lifestyle in the form of diet and exercise to maintain the result as excessive weight gain or loss will also lead to gain and loss respectively in the fat grafted area.
If fat grafting of breast is done, generally the size can increase by maximum 1 cup size. If you wish to have the breast increase by more than 1 cup size then further session of fat grafting can be carried out after a minimum gap of few months.

Is there an alternative to fat grafting?

Fillers: Fillers are synthetic injectables which are used on face to enhance areas like cheek, chin or lips, to fill out depression such as under the eye and to fill out lines such as the smile lines. So on the face it is suitable alternative to fat injection. Filler injections have the advantage of not requiring hospitalisation as they can be done in-clinic setting. However filler do not last beyond few months and repeat injections are required.
Also fillers cannot be used for breast or buttock enhancement as large volumes of fillers will be required. Such large volume injections has not been approved by any government agencies anywhere in the world as it can lead to fatal complications.

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