What is lower body lift?

It is a surgical procedure to tighten the tummy, waist and lower back and at the same time lift the thighs and buttocks.

How is Lower body Lift done?

After you are put to sleep ( general anaesthesia) two cuts (incisions) are made in a circumferential fashion. One in the bikini line and another at the level of navel. Then all the loose hanging skin and fat between these two cuts are removed and then the two cuts are approximated with stitches. All the stitches are internal and dissolve on their own. Simultaneously a new navel is created.

Can I undergo Lower body lift?

If you have lost massive amount of weight, than you can end up with loose hanging folds of skin in the tummy and extending all the way to lower back. This circumferential loose skin is best addressed by lower body lift.
Massive weight loss (upwards of 25 kg) is commonly seen after weight loss (bariatric) surgery but can also happen with diet/exercise or following pregnancy.

Is there any alternative to lower body lift?

If you have such large amount of circumferential loose skin than there is no alternative to lower body lift. Diet/exercise and or non-surgical technique (Ultrasound, laser etc) cannot tighten such large amount of loose skin.

What is the recovery period like?

Hospital stay is for approximately 2-3 days. You are able to walk within 24 hours and light activity can be resumed within a week’s time. Heavy exercise can be resumed after approximately 4-6 weeks.

What result to expect after lower body lift?

Lower body lift is a body contouring surgery. It will tighten the tummy, waist and lower back and at the same time lift the thigh and buttocks. So mainly your figure will improve due to above changes.

However weight loss will also happen. Maximum weight loss can be 5-7 kg approximately.

Result is permanent provided you maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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