1. What is birthmark?

Birthmark also commonly known as Mole can appear at any age and not necessarily from birth. Most commonly they appear as pigmented spots on face but they can appear anywhere in the body. Size of these birthmarks vary from spot size (most common) to a very large size occupying a large area of the face or body.

2. Do I need to remove birthmarks?

Majority of birthmarks are harmless and can be left alone. However they can be removed if you do not like the look of it. Another reason to remove them would be if they change in color, increase in size or bleeds. Sometimes very large birthmarks can also need removal. The final decision on removal is taken after detailed discussion with your doctor.

3. How is the birthmark removed?

As the birthmark usually extend deep into the skin it cannot be removed by laser or chemical peel or by freezing. To ensure complete removal surgery is the only answer. Most spot like birthmark can be removed with direct approximation of skin with fine stitches. In majority of the patients this leaves a barely visible mark. For very large birthmark a skin graft will be required.

4. Does the birthmark come back after surgical removal?

Once removed by surgery the birthmark does not come back. However one can still get new birthmark elsewhere in the body.

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