1. No exaggerated claims!

Only after full appraisal (history / medical examination) will you be given a realistic picture of what can or cannot be achieved. All options of addressing your aesthetic concerns will be discussed. This includes, besides surgical procedures, non-surgical rejuvenation such as Botulinum Toxin and fillers. Sometimes creams/lotions may be the answer. If you are not going to benefit from any of these, then you will be told so.

2. Charges:

Expenses for your treatment will be declared upfront. All-inclusive cost is generally quoted and if you so desire a break-up of the cost will also be given.

3. Personal attention:

In all stages of your care you are assured of my personal attention. You will not have to go through secretaries or assistant to reach me. You can access me anytime of the day directly through my cell phone. All treatment /surgeries and postoperative visits will be done by myself. During your stay in the hospital I will visit you at least once during the day (irrespective of day of the week!) and additional visits are done as and when required.

4. Information:

A well-informed patient is a happy patient! I firmly believe in this. All information will be given personally (available on the website also) prior to commencement of treatment. You will be encouraged to clear your doubts during any stage of treatment.

5. Accredited Hospital:

All your procedures will be done in accredited hospitals with full back up of nursing staff, resident medical officers, Intensive Care Unit, Blood Banks, Pharmacy and modern operation theatres. I have added the website link of the hospitals I will be operating so that you can personally check the adequacy of their infrastructure. For me your safety is first priority. Beware of institutes or individuals who will offer you cut-price cosmetic surgery procedures. They will often operate in small nursing homes with inadequate infrastructure, thereby jeopardizing your health and safety.

6. Certificates/Qualifications:

All my qualifications and certificates are uploaded on the website for your scrutiny. On the net you will find many scrupulous, fly-by night “cosmetic surgeons” who will make tall claims about their qualifications and their skills but what is missing are the certificates and accreditation from the local medical councils.

Dr. Sandip Jain