What is Brazilian Butt lift?

Commonly known as BBL, it is a surgical procedure where fat is removed (through liposuction) from one area of body, where there is excess, and injected into the buttock area to enhance its size and shape.

Do I need Brazilian Butt lift (BBL)?

If you are unhappy with the projection and shape of the buttock area than BBL can be a suitable procedure for you. However in absence of extra fat elsewhere in the body (as in skinny individuals) then it may not be possible to do BBL procedure.

Is there an alternative for BBL?

Sometimes synthetic silicone implant can be used to enhance the size of the buttock area. This is done uncommonly.
Patient often enquire if some synthetic filler injection (such as silicone) can be used to give the same result. This is a dangerous procedure as such injections are not approved by any government agencies and can cause fatal side effects.

What type of anaesthesia is required for BBL?

You will be put to sleep (general anaesthesia) for this surgical procedure

When can I get back to normal routine?

Walking is safe to do from the very next day. However prolonged sitting has to be avoided for 1-2 weeks. Sitting if required needs to be done on a cushioned surface.
Heavy exercise is generally after 4 to 6 weeks.

What result to expect?

Majority of the patient are happy with the shape and projection of buttocks. Also because of liposuction done to remove fat for injection your overall figure also improves. You have to maintain stable weight after the surgery as any excessive weight loss can also affect the fat which has been injected into the buttock area.

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