What is Total Body Lift?

Total body lift is a surgical procedure to tighten the skin and shape (contour) the entire body after massive weight loss.

How is Total body Lift Done?

In healthy fit individuals the entire body can be treated in one admission to hospital. Generally the lower body is tightened in the first operation and after approximately 3 days later a second operation is carried out to tighten the upper body. Total hospital stay is approximately 7 days. The lower body is tightened by a combination of lower body lift and thigh lift. Upper body tightening in males can include arm lift and chest lift. In females it can include arm lift, upper body lift and breast lift with or without breast enhancement. Please click on individual surgeries for further details.

Can I undergo total body lift?

If you put on excessive weight, the skin gets stretched to the extent that elastic fibres break, resulting in loss of elasticity. Subsequently if you lose weight the skin cannot snap back and hangs as loose folds over the entire body mainly affecting the arms / chest (males) or breast (females) / tummy / back and thigh. If you are in good general health then you can get rid of loose fold of skin all over the body in single hospital admission by Total Body Lift procedure.

Is there any alternative to total body lift?

Once the skin loses its elasticity and hangs as loose fold of skin then it cannot snap back. Exercise can only tone up the muscle but not the skin. Non surgical tightening by laser, ultrasound etc is also not possible in such extensive loose skin. The only way to tighten the skin in such cases is by surgery such as total body lift.

What anaesthesia is used for total body lift?

You are put to sleep (general anaesthesia) for this procedure.

What is the recovery like?

For Total body lift hospital stay is for 7 days. you will be able to walk within 24 -48 hours of the procedure. Light activity within 1 week. Heavy exercise after 4-6 weeks. Pain killers are prescribed for 5-7 days. You have to wear a compression garment for approximately 2 months.

What result to expect?

If you have stable weight and are in good general health total body lift can give a gratifying result. Once the loose fold of skin is removed from various areas of the body it tightens those areas and improves the appearance and figure. This goes a long way in improving your body image and boosting your self-confidence.

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