What is prominent ear correction?

It is a surgical procedure to pin back a prominent ear.

Can I undergo prominent ear correction?

You should be minimum 6 years of age to undergo prominent ear correction.

Is there any other option?

Surgery is the only option available to correct prominent ear.

What tests do I require to undergo prior to prominent ear correction?

Blood tests are required prior to any surgery. These tests are carried out for your safety.

Do I need to have anesthesia for the procedure?

Children require to be put to sleep (general anesthesia). In adults, an injection can be given to make the ear numb (local anaesthesia).

What does prominent ear correction involve?

The cut (incision) is made at the back of the ear. The cartilage in the ear is then scored to make it bend back. Tight bandage thereafter maintains the pinned back position of the ear.

What to expect immediately after the operation?

There will be a dressing covering the operated ear and a bandage, which encircles the head, and holds the dressing in place.

How long do I need to stay in the hospital?

You will be discharged from the hospital the same evening.

What is the recovery period like?

The dressing, and along with it the stitches, are removed after 1 week. Painkillers are prescribed for a few days.

When can I get back to the normal routine?

You can resume light activities immediately after the operation. Heavy activities such as going to the gym/swimming etc can be started after few weeks. Contact sports are to be avoided for few weeks.

What can go wrong?

Prominent ear correction is a safe procedure. The swelling and bruising on the ear takes about few weeks to resolve. For few months after the operation the ear may be little sensitive, especially during cold weather.

What result to expect?

Prominent ear correction gives permanent and satisfactory results in majority of patient.

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