What is scar revision?

Scar revision is a non-surgical or surgical treatment to improve the appearance and texture of scars.

Do I need scar revision ?

If you are bothered by the appearance of the scar then scar revision may be the solution for you.

How is scar revision done?

Scar revision can be done non surgically or in some cases, surgical treatment may be indicated.

What are the Non-surgical options of scar revision?

Scar cream, silicone gel sheet, sunscreen are usually tried in the first instance to improve the scar. They are more effective in fresh scars (few months old scars).

If the scar is become thick (keloid scar) then in addition you may require injection of mild steroids into the scar. This injections are given into the scar and they do not have any effect on your body and are very safe to give.

Laser treatment is useful to reduce the redness of scar.

What are the surgical options of scar revision?

There are many different techniques of scar revision surgery:
a. Elliptical excision and resuturing: here the scar is removed in an elliptical fashion and the skin edges are approximated with usually internal dissolvable stitches. This type of scar revision is usually done when the original scar lies along the natural skin creases.
b. Z plasty or W plasty: here the scar is removed and stitched in a Z or W fashion to reorient the scar along the natural crease.

Which options is best for me?

If possible non-surgical options are tried first. Failing which surgical scar revision will be offered to you. However some scars will not benefit from non surgical treatment and surgery will be the only answer in these cases. Final decision about which treatment is best for you is taken after detailed discussion with your doctor.

What result to expect?

After any treatment the scars continue to improve for approximately a year or so. As mentioned the scars cannot be made to disappear completely. In the best possible scenario the scar will improve to the extent that it is barely visible and in such cases it can be camouflaged completely by makeup/foundation.

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